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Welcome to "The Suite"! I'm Abolore a Master's Prepared & Board Certified Registered Nurse specializing in healthy hair. In addition to being a Nurse, I'm also a Trichologist and Licensed Cosmetologist and I love all things hair and health! Read more about me and the Suite below.

My Story

In my mid-teens, I was diagnosed with a chronic scalp condition called Seborrheic Dermatitis that caused me to scratch my scalp consistently leaving me with small patches of hair loss. After visiting the Dermatologist, getting a steroid shot to the scalp, and being sent home with a harsh shampoo that left my hair dry. My hair eventually grew back healthy, however, that was after getting it cut very short. YEP! Short hair in high school was not a fun thing! This was the first time.

In 2004 after having my son about 6 weeks later I started experiencing massive hair shedding that I now know as Postpartum Hair Loss. YES! My hair was coming out in the comb, brush, and shower. I kept this from my family and no one knew. I went back to the salon and got my hair cut short all over again. It eventually grew back healthy. This was the second time.

In my mid 30's I started experiencing thinning areas at my temples (edges) and could not figure out why. It was at this point I knew something different had to be done. I went to the doctor's and had every blood test done and it all came back normal. I was eating right, exercising, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle so why was this happening? Something called Female Pattern Hair Loss. This was when I began my studies about hair loss and different ways treatments. I went back to school and became a Cosmetologist and then a Trichologist and in 2018 when The Trichology Nurse Suite was born!


My story is just like yours and my hair med spa was created to help you! Share your story with me and let's work together. Let me "nurse your hair back 2 health 1 follicle at a time."


Let me nurse your hair follicles! Schedule your consultation today!