Hair Health Education

If your goals in 2022 are to have healthier hair, grow your hair longer and stronger, learn about product use, or use nutrition for the healing of your body, scalp, and hair YOU are in the right place! As a Nurse Educator for hair loss, my ultimate goal is to make sure you understand the importance of hair wellness and your lifestyle. Through my online education videos, free live training, and webinar session I help you get the help you need to take care of your hair and scalp health without leaving your home! Below are a few Hair Education Courses that'll be released to you.

✔Basics of A Scalp & Hair

✔Journaling Your Hair Loss & Hair Health Plan

✔Hair Loss & Medications

✔Hair Loss & Aromatherapy Treatments


All courses come with a Workbook and free access to our Private Facebook Group for more support. To learn more click on each course below. Coming Spring 2022!