3 Tips to Reset Your Hair Growth with PRP & Get Success

Few hair loss practitioners will educate you fully about the hair growth and hair loss process. Even far fewer are willing to give you FREE TIPS on how to care for your hair at home, or just in general.

As you probably know by now, I’m not one of those hair loss practitioners!

So, this week I'm going to make sure you get some tips on Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair regrowth, what makes you a good candidate, and why you need to be at my next Webinar--PRP 101 for Hair Loss & Regrowth.

The anagen phase is the phase of active growth, the catagen phase marks follicular regression, and the telogen phase represents a resting period. In the human scalp, the anagen phase lasts approximately 3-4 years, while the catagen phase lasts about 2-3 weeks, and the telogen phase lasts approximately 3 months.

When these phases are interrupted by some force, you may start to experience rapid hair loss, extensive hair shedding, or you notice areas where the hair is completely gone.

“With rapid hair loss or shedding your hair may stay in the Telogen (resting) phase for a longer period.”

Hair follicles that do go through each phase of the hair cycle are the ones that need special attention first! Why? Because often this hair may not grow back or it may grow back fine, thinner, and weaker than before. THIS is another reason why seeking help AS SOON AS YOU FIRST NOTICE HAIR LOSS IS IMPORTANT.

Since we know Consultations and knowing about the hair growth cycle are important, you need to know why PRP is helping and you can get great success with just a few tips.

TIP 1- Learn All You Can About PRP

Don't just go online or ask someone who isn't familiar with PRP about the process. Platelet Rich Plasma for hair loss is a unique minor medical procedure that can be done in-office once you and your provider have deemed you are a candidate. So that means YES you would need a Consultation to get started.

Attend information sessions about PRP if they are available in your area. In a few weeks, I will hold a PRP 101 session for those interested in PRP where you can learn more and get special financing too. (Keep reading to learn more.)

PRP is not what you may think it is because your situation is unique and cannot be measured against someone else. You may need longer treatment sessions or shorter treatment sessions – remember, your hair loss treatment is catered to your needs.

PRP can work when treatments plans are made for only you.”

TIP 2- Why I Use PRP As A Bridge For Hair Growth

Successful PRP treatments can show improvements and hair regrowth in as little as 4 weeks. In my clinic, PRP is used as a "jump-start" therapy for follicle regrowth. The first goal is to heal your scalp to promote healthy hair regrowth. PRP's healing factors aid in healing the scalp and healing damaged hair follicles.

Once you become a patient of the Suite, individualized treatment plans are created and the first few weeks are making sure your scalp is clean, healthy, and healing. My client often starts to see hair regrowth just because my approach is different and I focus on healing the scalp.

And PRP does just that!

“PRP is a bridge treatment for hair loss and works well with other treatments.”

TIP 3- Not All PRP Is Created Equal

PRP Therapy should be done by a trained person who is skilled in not only drawing blood but also certified to do PRP procedures.

Your blood supply and the ability to draw your blood play a critical role in getting the healthy nutrients from the blood supply to be used on a scalp. Drawing enough blood is equally as important since the blood tube has to be processed.

Lastly, the timing of the blood draw is key. After all, we don't want these cells to die off too quickly because we will be using them right away.

If any step in the procedure is not performed correctly your chances of having a successful scalp procedure and outcome can be jeopardized.

Each step in the PRP process is highly important to new follicle growth."

Does PRP seem like a fit for you? If so, your next step is to schedule your Hair Loss Consultation today. You can learn more about PRP and see if you are a candidate. If you've waited long enough, still have questions about hair loss, looking for a hair loss specialist that understands, click here and get scheduled today.

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