The Consultation Is A Treatment For Hair Loss

I know you hate having to talk about the problem or problems. Instead, you want answers and get right to fixing them. You’d rather get the issue solved quickly and move on with life but with hair loss and scalp issues, THE CONSULTATION IS YOUR TREATMENT! It’s THE answer to your hair shedding or chronic scalp itching.

Consultation in any Professional setting is a must when solving a problem. Even for those of us who work in the Hair Loss, Med Spa, and Esthetics settings. Identifying your need, understanding your concerns, setting realistic healthy hair goals all begin with my TNS Consultation process.

A personalized consultation in any professional setting is a must when solving a problem - even for those of us who work in the Hair Loss, Med Spa, and Esthetics settings. Identifying your need, understanding your concerns, setting realistic healthy hair goals all begin with my TNS Consultation process.

Booking Online

“Where can I book or schedule a Consultation? Is it necessary that I speak with you before starting treatments?”

Scheduling or Booking your Consultation usually starts online or by telephone with me. Sometimes future clients will send me an email or even reach out to me through social media and request an appointment. However, the easiest way is using my private scheduling link here

Once you pick your time and pay you will receive additional information about your appointment and what you can expect on that day. Consultations with the Suite are on Fridays ONLY.

Keep reading to find out why this day is reserved for special clients like you.

Friday's Is My Dedicated Consultation Day

Having a dedicated day for hair and scalp consultation provides me an opportunity to focus on your needs and to gather a plan that can help you achieve optimal results. Each Friday, I take a limited number of new clients (so book NOW). This allows me to focus my time to make sure I answer your questions and do a thorough examination of your scalp and hair.

This private one on one time with you is highly important because this is the beginning phase of your individualized treatment plan. Typically I take 4 clients and dedicate this day to properly explaining to each person what is going on with his or her scalp and hair. This is our one-on-one time where you can freely talk about your concerns, fears, and thoughts as it pertains to not only your hair but your overall wellness too. You can find out more about how to improve your hair and scalp health by adding “The 5 Best Nutrients to Combat Hair Loss.”

Hair And Scalp Education

“Education goes a long way to healing your scalp and hair.”

During your consultation, we talk about your hair and scalp condition as well as tackling your health and wellness routine. Most of my clients present with underlying health conditions that often manifest or exacerbate their hair loss or contribute to their scalp conditions.

You may be suffering from Allergies, Inflammatory Diseases like Arthritis, or you may be taking medication to control Diabetes and notice some unwanted side effects that may be leading you to hair loss.

So when you schedule your consultation with me you not only get help with your hair and scalp but I can help you get healthier too! Most people don't get that extra attention from their traditional doctor or provider but I can help you navigate your health differently. Holistically you can heal just by making healthy lifestyle changes.

Get Inspired, Get Ready To Fight Hair Loss

My signature wellness shot specifically formulated for hair loss---Suite Follicle Boost is here and ready for you! This shot is the FIRST of its kind in my hair loss clinic. Formulated with Vitamins and Minerals targeted to your hair follicles to help them grow, slow down breakage, get the strength needed to grow into a full hair strand. No other unique treatment is available in the Hampton Roads Virginia/DMV areas. This service is available for those on a treatment plan for hair loss restoration or scalp treatment services.

The Trichology Nurse Suite offers hair loss restoration services but I now have Med Spa services too. I offer wellness products and services to get you started towards your healthy living goals. I offer Immunity Shots, Energy Shots, Pain Management Shots, Weight Loss Shots are more. You can learn more about the Suite and my services by meeting me on March 12th in Richmond. This is your chance to get your questions answered, scheduled a consultation, pre-book a wellness shot, or purchase some healthy hair care products! Be sure to stay connected with me to get special promotions too! I look forward to seeing you soon.

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