Supporting Women Who Are Balding & Do Not Want To Be Balding

I hate the word BALD.

By now, we all have seen what happened at the Oscars Sunday night. If you somehow missed it, or the constant replays, let me give you the rundown.

A well known actress is suffering from Alopecia. There was a joke made about her condition in front of millions of people. This well known comedian decided to make reference to her balding and compared her to GI Jane. If you don't know who GI Jane is, click here for a quick reference. GI Jane was a military style woman who wore her hair cut really short–BUT that was her decision to be clean shaven.

For many women the choice of wearing or having short hair is not an option. Women who suffer with hair loss or “balding” can often lead to them hiding, battling in silence, and living a life of despair. Sometimes the lack of support, not knowing where to get help, thinking treatments will never work are just some of the reasons why women continue to lose hair at an alarming rate.

"However, here in Trichology Nurse Suite I support women who are losing their crown and it's not their choice.”

The Hair Loss Battle

In 2018 when I opened my hair loss clinic, it was my goal to help women, men, and children suffering with hair loss. YES! Men and children suffer and it can be just as stressful for them too. When a client comes into the clinic for a Consultation we talk very openly and freely about their struggles with losing hair. More often than not they have suffered alone and no one, not even a close family member knows about what they are experiencing.

As my client’s talk, I listen, and I KNOW I AM THEIR ONLY SUPPORT.

Not only am I the first person they have entrusted to tell and to help, but I am also the person who gives them a hope that they can regrow their hair and their glow!

Imagine feeling hopeless about something that you can easily hide?

Do you feel this way about hair loss?

Does it have you hiding, wondering, and guessing when it will get better?

"Don't go through hair loss alone. Get the support you need.”

Even in the battle, there is support and I offer it right here in the Suite. In our one-to-one appointments, you can get the support you need, the answers to your questions, and the right treatment you need.

If you are needing additional support I want you to go ahead and schedule a consultation and then watch my Live Session for Hair Loss and Mental Health.

How I Can Help You Through Hair Loss

The battle with hair loss is an ongoing journey and the first step begins with a consultation. During the consultation we focus on your health and healing. Losing your hair can often be an internal and external challenge. Hair Loss can make you feel drained, fearful, frustrated, and hopeless all at the same time.

However, getting the answers to your hair loss and getting the treatment you need is closer than you can imagine.

What makes me want to help you? Simply put, I suffered from hair loss too. I understand your pain, your concerns, and yes I too had the same questions. Will my hair grow back? Is my hair loss permanent?

When you work with me, you work with someone who knows what it takes and what you need to ease your hair loss fears.

As a Registered Nurse and Trichologist I can help you understand how your body and hair loss are connected. There is a true connection between the two and it’s not exactly what you think it is.

We create your ideal treatment plan and long term goals to help you recover from hair loss successfully. If alternative treatments are best, I have you covered with that too.

Schedule your consultation today and let me help start the journey to recovery and health—hair loss doesn’t have to win!

Contact The Trichology Nurse Suite for more information about my services and to get a consultation by calling
757-66-1194 today.
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