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In my last blog, I gave you an overview of The Suite Consultation. In this post, I’m going to dig deeper into the consultation and its value. Your Suite Consultation, and the health history we discover within the consultation, are key to the customized treatment created to fix your hair loss and scalp issues.

Confused? Let me help you connect the dots between your health history and your hair loss.

The first part of your Consultation is YOUR HEALTH HISTORY. Your health history cannot be ignored, forgotten, or rushed through when we are trying to find the answers to your hair loss. There are a lot of hidden clues that lead us to answer "why is my hair coming out?”

“My last client discovered she was Anemic, which caused her hair loss during our Consultation. Correct the Anemia her hair loss stopped.”

Consultation: Your Hidden Hair Loss Treatment Gem

After you schedule your Consultation – You visit the Clinic or I speak to you by phone and we begin with your health history. Remember, I’m a nurse so I can dig into your health history much more effectively than a non-nurse Trichologist.

During the health history part of your consultation, we go over many important questions to help us uncover what's going on with your hair and scalp. Here are a few sample questions:

1. What are you currently being treated for?

2. What have you been treated for in the past?

3. What is your family medical history on your mom and dad's side of the family? 4. Are you currently taking any medications?

5. Have you had surgery within the last 6-12 months?

6. Any sickness in the last 6 weeks?

We start with basic questions as I continue to dive deep into what you say. This gives me clues as to what is happening with your hair and scalp.

Could Your Health Be Causing Hair Loss?

Patients come into The Suite being treated for several things by their doctor or practitioner. High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis, and Cancer are just some of the Chronic Diseases I have seen. No matter why you are being treated, your condition may be the reason you are experiencing hair loss or scalp issues. Often it maybe not be the condition directly; it can be the medications you are taking. And in some cases, it may not be the disease process or medication at all. Basically, through our Suite Consultation, we can root out the issues.

Your Family Medical History is Helpful

Family history, which includes genetic history, is important in determining what's affecting your hair follicles. If you have family members who suffer from hair loss, allergies, and other chronic issues we know this can play a part in how your hair grows.

Genetics is what makes us all but not everyone is born with genes that lead to hair loss.

However, if you have the hair loss gene, you can pass it on to your kids and one of them can be affected. Knowing your family history is VERY important in dealing with and treating hair loss specifically.

What Medications Are You Taking?

I spend a great deal of time during my Consultation discussing which medications you take and why you take them. We even go over any adverse reactions to medication currently being prescribed to you.

If we need to ask about your dosage or if we need to ask about substituting a medication because we think your hair may be affected, this is the time to address concerns. I can work closely with our doctor to suggest a regimen that works best for you. Trichologists can help you monitor your medication history closely and work with your providers should we think your medication is contributing to your hair loss.

Surgery or Sickness In the Past 6 Weeks to 6 Months?

Trauma to the body, such as surgery can alter the hair growth cycle. Anesthesia reactions account for sudden, diffuse, and rapid hair loss in people just weeks after surgery.

During and after surgery the body halts all normal function and dedicates all its focus on healing that area of concern. The body will pull vital nutrients from areas of lesser need and send these nutrients to the areas that need them the most.

So, if you have recently had surgery or will have surgery in the future planning your hair care regime before surgery is a must. There are external things we can do to help lessen the shedding as your body is healing.

Me Meet & The Suite

Make sure you meet me this weekend March 12 in Richmond VA at the CoCo Drip! This is your chance to learn more about my Hair Loss Clinic and the Med Spa Suite. You can purchase some healthy hair care products, get a hair planner & journal, and ask me questions about hair loss too!

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